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best in the industry.

Those Who Speak English

Those Who Below 32 Year Old

Not everyone have the chance to live and work in a cruise. Only those with the proper certificate get the chance. If you'd like to travel around the world, then here's you chance.

Nice Working Place

High Demand High Income

HICM + CCB  is not required a few years to complete, to graduate and then to hit the job market. We will strive to make sure you master everything you need in less than a year! 

Short Program

People might not realize that working on cruise liners can actually enable them to earn quite a fortune if they work on the cruise for more than a year. This is because not many people are knowledgeable about the courses available regarding the cruise industry. We are one of the top colleges to offer courses related to the cruise industry.

PLL provide the best environment for training and practice with professional trainer.

Good Training Place


Travel Everywhere

Easy Promotion

High and Stable Income




Limited seats available

And many more...

Our Student's Real Life Experience

What's Our Students Said?

Carvin Wong Chee Seng

Cruise: Royal Caribbean

My first experience with world largest ship "Allure of the seas" Royal Caribbean cruise for 8months contract. I got promoted three times and salary increment in my first contract with cruise . After my signed off from the cruise, I received offer from Dubai world class hotel and Singapore international hotel job with high salary.

Everyone dreams of earning a living by doing something they love so i want to share few words about my experience until now. Cruise ship job is not just about work or job, It's about fun and adventure as u get to travel different exotic places which you can travel barely if u are in Land.

Alisiwa Elly Sunuwar

Cruise: Carnival

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