International Student

International Students (Instructions for Application)

NOTE: Student needs to be in Home Country (Outside Malaysia) upon application. Not Involved in Criminal Acts & Medically fit without any illness in order to enter Malaysia. Failing to abide by these rules, IMIGRATIONS DEPARTMENT of MALAYSIA have the right to refuse students entry into Malaysia or refuse issuing of Student Pass to Student in Malaysia.


  1. Student needs to fill ‘STUDENTS PREREGISTRATION FORM (JPK/IAC/SI)’ .  After that, the student needs to provide:
  • 8 Passport Size Photo (Blue Colour Background.**Please refer to Photo guidelines)
  • Health Screening Medical Report
  • Photocopy of Qualification
  • Financial support/guarantee letter from Sponsor/Parent
  • Photocopy of Passport (ALL PAGES)
  • Personal Biodata / C.V (PRINTED)


  1. Once all COMPLETE documents received, we will submit an ‘OFFER LETTER’ and ‘STUDENTS ACCEPTANCE FORM’ to the student. The student will need to Sign & return the ‘STUDENTS ACKNOLEGMENT FORM’ to PLL.


  1. All COMPLETE documents will be forwarded to the DEPARTMENT OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT (DSD) [Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK)] for approval of Application. Duration of DSD(JPK) approval is within 7‐14 working days.


  1. Once approved by DSD (JPK), the Documents will be submitted to IMIGRATION DEPARTMENT MALAYSIA [Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia(JIM)] to get an Approval & Calling VISADuration of IMIGRATION DEPARTMENT MALAYSIA (JIM) approval is within 30‐45 working days.


  1. Once Approved, PLL will submit the original ‘Calling VISA’ to Student. Now Student will be allowed to Enter Malaysia under Temporary Student Pass.


  1. Once student arrives in Malaysia, ACA representatives will pick student up from the Airport & bring students to PLL / Hostel. Students & PLL representatives will need to endorse the students passport within 14days of arrival & submit a ‘STUDENT PASS’ Application. Student will receive a ‘STUDENT PASS’ Sticker which will be attached to the students passport.