The course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the hospitality operations part of a cruise, as well s providing an essential understanding of elements relating to life and work on a cruise ship. Besides the sea-based hospitality knowledge, students are also equipped with knowledge on the general hospitality content for the land based industry as well .Therefore this course will provide the best of both worlds, be it at sea or on land.

Subjects (Major in Food and Beverage)

  •  food-beverageHospitality English
  •   Theory in Food and Beverage Services
  •   Food and Beverage Practicals
  •   Cruise Maritime Operations
  •   Interpersonal Skills
  •   Industrial Attachement

Subjects (Major In Culinary)


  •   Hospitality English
  •   Theory In Kitchen Operation
  •   Western Cuisine Practicals
  •   Cruise Maritime Operations
  •   Interpersonal Skills
  •   Industrial Attachement

**Preparatory and Basic Communication English

Hospitality Industry Sectors

A sector is one area or division of an industry. Each of the following can be said to be sectors of the hospitality industry .


Restaurants: Restaurant fine dining requires attention to detail. From the music to the lighting and the arts on the walls. Creating a fine dining atmosphere is all about the details.

Hotels: Hotels are a place for warmness with 5 star international service standard around the world. There are many working opportunities in this industry that grows day by day.


Cruise Ships: As a crew member, you will work and live in an environment, experiencing the world of seafaring, a tradition that predators written history.

Why Work Onboard

There are numerous reasons to work onboard. We summarized them as stated below:

  1. Fantastic savings potential. Save your salary. Your expenses like accommodation, food, medical care, visas etc.. are paid by the cruise liner.
  2. Fast career advancement. Based on your skills and attitude, promotions come by quickly. THerefore after just a few years, you can enjoy a high career status and its new benefits.
  3. Experience. You are going to see most of the world and meet with numerous nationalities, both customers and colleagues. You will mingle with a mixtures of cultures and you will create long lasting friendships. Just imagine yourself in Miami, the Caribbean, Alaska, Australia, Tahiti, the Mediterranean, Norway and more!
  4. Improvement of skills. Within the cruise ship you will learn how to be organized and manage your time well. Your professional skills will improve, making you highly competitive in the Hospitality market.



Imagine yourself working on 5 star hotel, except that it floats on the ocean and visits exotic places. Under the current international law MLC2006, you will enjoy a safe and secure environment. Though the hours of work are long, the crews have fun as well. You will have access to the crew private restaurants providing food of great quality, crew lounges, leisure areas, gym, internet, TV, and a plenty of benefits. Be assured that the cruise liner you work will take care of you and invest in you so that you will build a career with their brand.

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